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Tonys’ Triathlon

It was Tonys time to shine at the Nissan BRW Corporate Triathlon at the Gold Coast. Held on Saturday 24th April. We decided to make a weekend of it and stay at Broadbeach for a few nights. This would give Tony enough time to get organised and out to the event on time on the day. We got up nice and early and went over to Doug Jennings Park at the Spit and met the rest of the team. The triathlon was a 400 m swim, 10 km ride and 4 km run. Each member of the team had to complete all three legs with one team member on the course at a time. It was a nice day with a little bit of rain, but quite warm in the sun. Tony was off 2nd and did a quick time in the swim with a 9:56. After finding his bike in the transition zone, he hopped on and pushed hard in his preferred sport with a time of 21:14. I chased him around on the MTB taking photos and cheering him on. The sun came out during the run leg and Tony was still smiling. Completing the 4 km in 18:33. His overall time was 49:43 and the team 2:32:37. The team was happy with their event and I think they will do it again in the future.
Saturday, 24 April 2010


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