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24 hours on the bike (well not quite….)

24 hours on the bike (well not quite….)

The Kona 24 hour race was held in April at Old Hidden Vale. We did the race last year when I was 14 weeks pregnant (see blog), which was challenging. This year we have 3 kids (including a 6 month old who wakes up every 2 hours) to add to our race planning and execution. I remember being up in the middle of the night (every 2 hours) breastfeeding Baby Z and thinking to myself that at least I wasn’t the only one up. I could hear riders outside. It gave me comfort knowing that there were other sleep deprived racers out there.
I can’t remember how many laps we did. But I know we managed to set up a tent, race, coordinate 2 kids to race and look after a baby, all on very little sleep.

We had fun, and only just made it to the podium for our glory photo. It was starting to rain and we were trying to rapidly unpack the tent. Miss T had not t-shirt on…. We earned a second place in the Mixed Duo category.

Photo: Camp Rutter.

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