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Riding pregnant - Week 9 - 12

Photo: 3D image 12 Weeks. More than just a black and white blob on the screen this time. The 3D images are great!

Weight = 53 kg

December is a big month. I have 2 races lined up which I am debating whether or not to do, and also a few trips to Adelaide planned.

It’s hot now and even riding to work makes me want to vomit. At least its better than going to work by train. I’m struggling at the gym, but partly because I’m preoccupied with other ‘stuff’ going on, and I’m probably not eating enough to give me all the energy I need.

Running at lunch time is getting hard as its so humid and hot. Went for a 7km run, and almost vomited on the way back. Bad idea.

Got my new Team Banshee jersys (see link here). They are great, and I can’t wait to race in them.

Did an XC ride at Daisy Hill and it was so hot and hard work. Im trying to keep my heart rate down on the climbs, and not overheat. Doctor says its fine to keep riding as much as I feel comfortable. Sweet!

Raced 4X at Illinbah (see race report here). Raced well, but crashed in the final. Baby is only about 2cm in size at this stage, so very well padded.

Feeling sick in the afternoons now, but haven’t vomited. It just feels like when you are hungover and you aren’t sure whether to eat something to make you feel better, or not eat anything.

I ended up going to Tassie to race the first round of the Nationals (see race report here). I was debating whether or not to do it (at 10 weeks), and decided I would and just take it easy. Got to wear my Team Banshee jersey, which was good. Managed a 2nd place as well.
Photo: Pregnant and on the podium at the Australian Nationals

Flying is a bad idea. Its too stuffy and makes me want to puke.

Got an ultrasound done at 12 weeks. Could see lots of cool stuff this time. Little arms and legs moving around in there.

Xmas puts us right on 12 weeks, so we have started to tell people the news. Feels a little strange as it doesn’t really feel real yet. Decided to start to take a photo every week from week 12 onwards to track belly growing progress.

Week 12 Photo

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