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Riding pregnant - Week 5 - 8

Photo: Ashgrove Dirt Jumps. Just cruising around the jumps at 8 weeks.

Weight = 54 kg
Finding out the news.

November started off with a bang with my husband in hospital with appendicitis and our cat also in emergency hospital with a lung infection.

Did some DH runs at Clear Mountain with the girls, then went to visit hubby in hospital. I was keen to have a few quiet beers at home by myself that night. But for some reason, I thought I better do a pregnancy test first. Although I hadn’t had many obvious symptoms, I just ‘felt’ pregnant.

I didn’t really expect the test to be positive! I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to have the cold beers that I was looking forward to, but I was excited about the news.
Photo: 10 week baby on the ultrasound photo.

Later that week had an ultrasound to ‘confirm’ the pregnancy. There wasn’t much there, just a yolk sac measuring 6 weeks. So we had to go back in 2 weeks time for another scan to see if it was going to ‘progress’. It was a nerve wracking 2 weeks, and we were happy to see a little heart beat on the screen and it had grown, and now measured 8 weeks.

Still riding the same as usual, doing weights and playing volleyball.

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