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Riding pregnant - Week 18 - 21

Photo: Checking out the 19 week tummy at Gap Creek. Xc Riding still going good.

Weight = 53 - 54 kg

I can feel fluttering now, which must be the baby swimming around. Its more like butterflys or when your eyes twitch, but from the inside.

Finally not feeling so sick in the afternoons anymore. I thought morning sickness was meant to finish after 12 weeks! I’d rather have it mild for longer though, than vomiting and not being able to get off the couch for 2 months straight.

XC rides are getting shorter and shorter. Limiting them to about 15 - 20km or one and a half hours. I struggle to keep my heart rate low on the climbs. Descents are still just as fun as ever and I don’t notice any changes to my ability to ride.

Photo: My ride data from my commute to work

I can notice my belly a bit bigger, but probably no one else can. I have bought some ‘pant expanders’. I don’t need them yet but thought I should get some in case I suddenly pop out!

My arms and legs are really itchy at the moment. Not sure if its pregnancy related, but it’s a real pain. I can’t have any antihistamines or anything. So have to stick to ‘nana style’ calamine lotion. Oh well, it does the trick.
I’m still riding in and out of work at least once a week and doing my weights training. But I’m getting more tired now, which isn’t fun.

Met another girl who was also 20 weeks. She actually looked pregnant. I am excited for when people can actually tell that I am pregnant.

Had a detailed scan at the doctors at 20 weeks. They can look at the heart, kidneys and spine. It’s pretty amazing.

We didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby, so we are keeping it a surprise.

Week 21 Photo