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July 2010 - Birthday!

Photo: 18th July 2010. Only 4 hours old

Little Felix Rutter arrived safely and quickly on Sunday 18th July 2010 at 1:47 am.

There was no waiting around for the little man, who decided at about 10:00 pm that it was nearly time to make an entrance.

I wanted to stay at home as long as possible and was coping ok. Tony was timing contractions and decided that we should probably head to hospital soon (this was at 11:30 pm). I thought that labour was meant to last for hours, so I wasn’t too keen on going in too early. But they could only tell us to go home. And I was vomiting by this stage.

So at Midnight we headed off in the car to the hospital, which was about 10 mins away (but took us 20 mins as I got Tony to pull over each time I had a contraction).

We got into the birth suite at about 12:30 am, where the midwife stated that the baby was nearly here and it wouldn’t be too long. At this stage I was thinking ‘what, how can it be almost here? It’s only been 2.5 hours.’

They tried to do some obs on the babys heart rate and on me, but it was too hard to get a reading as I was moving around too much. I didn’t even get time to consider drugs for pain relief as it was going so quickly. The pain wasn’t too bad.

By about 1:20 am things were moving quickly and before we knew it little Felix was jet propelled out and into the world. He cried straight away and got to come up for cuddles for a good hour before being weighed and measured.

It was a fast labour of only 3.5 hours. I think I was in shock for a bit because it all happened so fast. He was 3.7 kg and because he was born so quick, I had to get taken to surgery for stitches.

Photo: Me getting wheeled off to theatre after he was born to get stitched back up.

Now I just have to heal and get my strength, posture, and back/pelvis alignment back in order and then I can start to do some more physical activity.

We are all pretty happy and glad that all went well throughout the pregnancy and birth!

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