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Riding pregnant - Week 29 - 34

Weight = 57 kg

Starting to get more tired now just from every day activities. But still out riding the MTB when I can. I need to be selective about how much I ride, otherwise I have no energy left for housework and other stuff.

My ribs are starting to hurt where the baby is trying to take over more space. I still have bad heartburn, but the bleeding gums have stopped.

Signed up for Team Banshee Australia for the next season. I am so keen to get back out on the bike. I know it will be tough though when the baby arrives, but we will try to make it work.

Photo: Personalised Banshee stickers.

Had another scan at 32 weeks to check the growth of the baby. All is looking good and contrary to what people may think, the baby is not a midget. The Dr says its below the average size, but still well within ‘healthy’.

Filled out forms to get ‘baby’ on a childcare waiting list for next year. We aren’t sure of our plans yet, but figured we should get our names down so the option is there.

We had our 3 antenatal baby classes. Some of the ladies there were huge. I am grateful I am not enormous. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they must be. They made us put a shirt and a nappy on a doll. Tony managed to get the shirt on upside-down. heheh. Made me laugh.

Had my first day where I rested on the lounge for an hour or so. Not my idea of fun when there is lots of other things to do, but I had run out of energy.

The cat pee’d inside so I had to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor. Nice. Then I hit my head on the sink when I tried to get up. Bending over to put on my shoes, pick things off the floor, hang washing on the line is really hard work.

Went out for drinks with friends and had to stand up the whole time. My back was so sore, I feel like an old person needing to sit down all the time.

At 34 weeks I stop playing volleyball. Im too slow to chase the ball and when I dive in the sand I take a while to get back up...

I’m still doing yoga which is good, but much less enthralling that MTB rides. At least I get a good stretch once a week.

Week 34 Photo

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