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Riding pregnant - Week 22 - 25

Photo: Mountain biking at 24 weeks pregnant

Weight = 55 kg

Starting to struggle on the way home from work now. The ride in is fine as I have the energy, but coming home I am buggered.

Tony feels kicks now! yay. If we watch patiently, we can see moving from the outside.

Did a 35 km road ride. Took it pretty easy and wore my new roadie shoes!.

My gums bleed now, which is horrible. Apparently it’s just a side effect… great.

Tony is worried about me riding on the road now (25 weeks) because of cars, so I have decided to stop commuting into work. It’s not worth it.

Photo: Ride data from my commute to work. 21 kms

Babies born between 24 and 26 weeks have a good chance of survival. Although they would need a lot of special care.

Week 25 Photo

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