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Riding pregnant - Week 13 - 17

Photo: West Beach Dirt Jumps on Xmas Day. I got really sun burnt (13 weeks).

Weight = 52 kg

Into the second trimester now.

Riding still feels fine. Just feeling a little bloated (like when you have had 4 beers). Have still been doing XC rides but limiting them to about 20 km and trying not to overheat.

Photo: Noosa Tewantin Forest. Riding pregnant.

Getting bad headaches now, and still feel a bit seedy in the afternoons. Riding to work is ok, but not when its super hot and humid.

It’s amazing how many people ask if I’m still riding. I’m fit and healthy and there isn’t any reason at this stage why I shouldn’t be riding.

Spent some time in Adelaide over xmas with family and then went back again for the Australian National Champs later in Jan. As we don’t have a car when we are in town, I have been riding everywhere.

Being 15 weeks pregnant now, I decided not to race at the National Champs. I even booked my flight down the day after the race so I wouldn’t be tempted to enter. I sounded like a broken record telling everyone why I wasn’t racing. I hated being on the side lines, but at least it’s not due to an injury. I will be back!

Photo: National champs spectating

Back in Brisbane, I’m still riding in and out of work (40 km total) but starting to feel tired on the evening ride home. Thursday mornings I am still at Race Elements doing my weights training. All my weights have been lowered now, so then I don’t do any injury to myself. Joints and ligaments loosen when pregnant, so I have to be careful.

We have finally decided to look into ‘baby stuff’. We picked out the toughest looking pram we could find (Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle). Its even got 1 inch of rear suspension, so it will still be comfy off road. Cool!

Apparently from about 17 weeks the baby can recognise songs and sounds and is about 19 cm from head to toe.

Week 17 Photo


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