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Riding pregnant - Week 35 - 38

Photo: At home with Rampy at 37 weeks. Just thought I would test out the bike to see if it still worked after sitting in the garage for so long :(

Weight = 58 - 59 kg

Yes we have baby names sorted. This is one of the favourite questions people have (after ‘when are you due?’ and ‘do you know what your having?’).

It’s my birthday in the first week of June, and Tonys in the second week of June - 7 days apart. We hoped that baby didn’t come early as we want our birthdays to be spread apart a little bit! Looks like we get to keep our birthdays to ourselves. Yay.

It’s starting to get colder now. So I’m not missing riding that much. But my mind wanders and I have grand plans for our huge backyard. I want to get some dirt delivered so I can build a pump track and dirt jumps in our yard. The existing dirt is really hard and clayey. Maybe I am missing my bike more than what I think...

My fleet of seven bikes, has now been reduced to six. I sold my DH bike. The Commencal Mini DH has been with me for a few years, and we have had some good times together (and a few bad crashes...). But it is unlikely I will have time to ride DH when baby arrives, so I figured it was best to sell the bike. I can always get a new shiny one later.

Photo: Me on the Mini Dh last year in Canada. I just sold this bike :(

It’s getting hard work carrying things up and down the stairs at home. Its more the bending over and picking stuff up, than the actual carrying part. It just seems like things always need to either go up the stairs or go down the stairs. It may sound strange, but pushing a shopping trolley is actually really hard work! You must use your ab muscles a fair bit to steer it through the isles. Seeing as my ab muscles are stretched beyond belief this means hard work for trolley pushing.

I plan to finish work 2 weeks before the due date. I’ve been working full time for 10 years, so it will be strange not going to work each day.

I can fit into a few pairs of my ‘non pregnant’ stretchy work pants still, but have one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of black maternity work pants that I tend to wear a bit. Thanks to Kmart for cheap clothing options. There is no way I want to spend $100 on ‘designer maternity pants’!

We are going to use reusable nappies in combination with disposables. The amount of nappies that babies churn through we will have our own little landfill dump if we use disposables. So we figured reusables are the way to go. They have come a long way from the Terry Towling type that I was in as a baby. You can get all kinds of cool colours and designs. If we have a system set up for washing and drying it might not be too bad. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I haven’t packed my ‘hospital bag’ yet. There are websites full of lists of things to take. By the sounds of it some people spend a long time planning and packing their bags. I don’t usually pack my bags for a holiday until the day or two before I go. I figured all I really need for about 4 days in hospital is some toiletries and some comfy clothes.

Went to Mt Gravatt with friends who were downhilling. Tony spent the day doing runs, and I had to miss out. :( I had a roll around the car park on a bike and would have loved to have done a run. But probably not the most sensible thing to do. So I went shopping instead.

I have stopped all riding for now.

Sleeping is getting harder. I am so tired, but wide awake. Apparently it’s the hormones. I have also managed to get a cold (at 37 weeks). It is terrible. Everytime I cough or sneeze, poor baby gets squished into all kind of shapes in there. It will probably come out with its body contorted in a strange position. I guess it should be pretty ‘bendy’.

At least I look pregnant now!

Week 38 Photo

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