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Riding pregnant - Week 26 - 28

Photo: Baby Banshee t-shirt

Weight = 56 kg

XC rides are now down to about 10 km or 1 hr. The bumpy trails make the baby push on my bladder, which isn’t too comfortable.

Flew down to SA for a wedding. Flying wasn’t too bad, but still need to get up to pee a lot.

Did a 7 km fast walk with my normal running partner at 28 weeks. My back, hips and pelvis were so sore afterwards, probably not the best idea.

I have stopped my weight training now as my trainer has moved interstate. Started doing yoga though instead – not exactly the same, but at least I’m stretching and doing something. I’m still walking about 5 km a day most days just getting to work.

Went to the gold coast to watch tony in a triathlon. See the race report here. I spent the day chasing him around on the MTB taking photos, which was good fun.

The obstetrician says it will be a small baby but still in the healthy range. That sounds good to me.

Threw up on the way to work today (29 weeks). I think my stomach is just squished up and there isn’t much room in there for food. My ribs hurt a bit now from baby pushing on them.

At 28 weeks the average baby weighs about 1.1 kg.

Photo: We built the cot and set up the baby’s room

Week 28 Photo

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